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Bring Your Website Up To Date

Years ago, your website was on the cutting edge of technology, and it has stood the test of time but technology has changed dramatically and its time that your website did to.

Today MegaAgent.com is building cutting edge mobile interactive websites built on a WordPress core that gives you the ability to update and change your website in many ways, it gives you better SEO. Allows you to embed videos into your website and create more interactivity and turns your website into a lead generating website.

Today you can also add tons of low cost add on’s like mortgage calculators, web forms and much more.

You can also add today’s modern IDX tools that allows you to provide presorted groups of homes for you farm areas, or by community, price or anything you can image. Plus, it allows your clients to save homes they like and allows you to compete effectively with Zillow. *IDX does require an additional monthly fee.

Because the way modern websites are coded, we must totally recode your website to bring it up to modern internet standards, but the payoff is that your website will be faster, totally mobile responsive, and make your branding look and feel better than ever before.

Normally we charge $1900 to rebuild your website with totally new code, but for a limited time we are offering a $499 special if you agree to a host with MegaAgent.com for two years at $79 a month.

To take advantage of this special offer click here and sign up.

If you want someone to set up a online web meeting to show you exactly how this will benefit you click here and we will contact you.

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