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Website Design

webdesigndevelopment2Today's consumer is shopping and researching and doing due diligence online. Whether it's finding a new washing machine, researching cars or selecting real estate agents, they are looking online. Home buyers and home sellers are no different. In fact, many consumers are screening agents through their website. They see your name, hear about you, or they might see one of your yard signs while driving. It's straight to your website to check you out, and your website is like your store front. Does it look inviting? Does it communicate anything about you...or does it look exactly like the KW site they just clicked off. Are they seeing their 15th example of an exact same site, only the agent name is changed?

The sad fact is that agents don't even realize just how identical and "samey" their sites are to consumers.  It's all interchangeable. Do your own test. Google "Los Angeles real estate agents," or "Boston real estate agents," or "Kansas City real estate agents." This is what consumers see, cookie cutter themed sites with the exact same features in the exact same places. Savvy home buyers and sellers see it.

Back in the day, everyone said, you BETTER have home search on your site. If you don't, you won't be able to compete. Well, 99.9% of agents have home search on their sites. But you know what? The Zillows and Trulia's and's of the world offer it and they are dominating the first 3 pages of Google searches.

Your website is your storefront. Prospective home buyers and sellers are checking your site out, deciding if they want to work with you or not. What does YOUR site say about you?Interchangeable hack agent?

At MegaAgent Design, we know that the problem with most agent sites is that they have no branding that distinguishes that agent. There's no story, or connection to draw home buyers or sellers in. Nothing special, just the umpteenth identical agent site. And no, a personal logo with a clever house graphic isn't branding. It's your story, what you stand for, your strategic tagline that encapsulates your difference in your marketplace—that's branding.

MegaAgent Design specializes in high-powered, quality branded websites, built on the WordPress Platform. What makes MegaAgent Design different is that we build completely custom themes that allow your site to stand apart from all the templated themes that make agents look ALIKE and provide little to no differentiation. We create uniquely custom layouts and graphics that WOW your prospects, grab their attention, show what you are about, THEN they might search homes on your site, or read about your bio, or leave their contact info requesting your offer on your site. That's what makes MegaAgent Design Sites stand out and so effective. With a cohesive brand built across all your marketing platforms, most importantly, your website, you can attract a steady flow of people seeking you out. It's like reverse prospecting, they are calling you to do business with them.

Want to know more? Simply email Dennis LeBlanc to schedule a short consultation to see if a Powerfully Branded Website is what you need to take your business to the next level!

No Shortcuts Here.

We are the recognized leader in quality, branded  web aesthetics, we work closely with you to define your brand and strategically communicate it throughout your site. We make sure the design is perfect before we go onto developing the website. We go the extra step without any shortcuts so you're 100% content with the design and ready to move forward.

Proven Custom Management System (CMS).

wordpressWordPress is a proven custom management system that's easy to login and use. Training is offered after the development of the site is complete. The perks of working with WordPress? Editing and creating your own pages, blogs and navigational links. Widgets are also easy to implement and use. Adding a video is as simple as copy and paste!

WordPress Management Hosting

webhostingWith MegaAgent managed hosting, we protect your WordPress site and keep your themes and plugins updated and provide technical support along with any image/file uploading. It's a lifetime connection and ongoing support.

What You Get

webdesigndevelopmentWith your MegaAgent Design website, you get high quality design and expert branding over 13 pages, including powerful lead capturing call outs and offers, with full access to your WordPress control panel to manage your site yourself, or appoint your team member to manage and add content. If you have the resources, with the WordPress platform, you can add pages and sub pages on your site to your heart's content, quickly elevating your site to the level of a $10,000 website.

Email us today for a consultation to see if a quality branded MegaAgent Design site is the strategic online marketing advantage you have been looking for to take your business to the next level.

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