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Prospecting Brochures

A Personal Prospecting Brochure is the ultimate marketing weapon. It is not a "typical" sales-driven closing tool that looks like every other agent marketing piece (AND turns off your prospect by putting up their guard — warning: sales pitch!

A Personal Brochure (when done correctly) establishes a "brand," in the minds of the prospective buyer or seller, it tells them what you stand for, what makes you tick, what makes you unique. It is a "rapport" building piece, that makes the prospect drop their guard and form an opinion of who you are as a PERSON. If you come at them as a sales person, you are swimming upstream in trying to win the hearts and minds of prospects.

Here is an example: if you walk into a cocktail party, do you go right to the person you see first, hand them your business card and start telling them the many ways you are a great sales person and how much you want them to list their home with you? No. That person would say, "excuse me," and hightail it away from you like you were the plague. But, if you greet someone, make some small talk and find something in common with them, when you do mention you are a Realtor®, they are so much more inclined to consider you as their agent.

Make sense?

Wondering if a prospecting Brochure will work for you? Watch a replay of Greg Herders Webinar "How to Generate 10 Transactions in 90 Days with a Prospecting Brochure" Simply click here.

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