Monthly Archives: September 2016

Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned from 30 of Years Marketing Top Agents

Greg identifies the common traits shared by some of the most successful campaigns in the 30 years since he started creating marketing campaigns for real estate professionals. By Greg Herder As I was thinking about what is in store for real estate in the years ahead, it occurred to me that for over three decades,…
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How to Find a Niche that Gives You a Long-Term Sustainable Advantage!

Agents looking for a competitive advantage in their markets need to stop looking for quantifiable benefits and start looking to make an emotional connection with a specific market segment. Greg describes how to find the right niche for you that can't be duplicated by your competitors. February 2005, By Greg Herder Agents, both rookies and veterans,…
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Is Your Personal Photo Working For You Or Against You?

Your photography has a significant impact on the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Make sure you’re not making the mistakes that can undermine your campaign’s effectiveness. October 2002, By Greg Herder I hate the way I look in my promotional photographs! This is the excuse I hear over and over again from agents as a…
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